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*Glove: Players will need their own glove. The glove should be something their hand (non throwing hand) should fit in, which the player will need to "break in" to make sure they can open and close the glove. The glove shouldn't be too heavy for the player to lift. The softball should fit in the glove- the difference between a softball and baseball glove is how wide the "hinge" is at the bottom/ wrist (heel) of the glove.  Baseball gloves will work, but the pocket is smaller than a softball glove.  For coach pitch it really wont matter what they have. 

*Face guard: It protects the players nose/ dental work etc.. We want all players to have a face guard.  Rip-it fielders mask (champro is fine too) if you want to google it to see what they are. Dick's sporting goods typically carries them too.  It is strongly recommended putting your name on it!

*Batting helmet: We recommend having a helmet with a face guard. In today‚Äôs game, more and more softball players are opting for facemasks. These are great for players who wear braces or just want that extra level of protection.

*Bats:  This is the easiest way to spend a fortune on softball. Composite bats can cost $250-$400. For coach pitch and minors, there is absolutely no need to buy a composite bat. 1: The coach is trying to hit the bat most times, we're working on actually LOOKING at the ball when we swing. 2: They are going to outgrow it in a matter of months. 3: We don't want to kill the coach pitching 
The aluminum bats for $30-$50 are perfectly fine

*Cleats: Again, don't go crazy. They will out grow them before wearing them out. Softball cleats will have a cleat at the top, whereas soccer cleats will not. Cleats are a good thing to have, sneakers are ok, but it is slippery out there.  

*Batting gloves: Mostly just an accessory at this point. When they take an hour of batting practice, then it might make sense! 

*Balls: Coach pitch and minors use an 11" ball. Pitchers for minors pitch from 35', majors on up use a 12" ball and pitch from 40' and 14U and up (high school college, etc.) pitch from 43'.  Basepaths are the same for all levels. 

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